Hello, Atlanta

Not quite “hello, world”, but this works just the same.

I’m Jason Dozier, and I’m a former candidate for Atlanta City Council.

It turns out that despite 13 months of active campaigning (plus an additional several months of behind-the-scenes relationship-building, researching, and soul-searching), I’m not quite ready to sit on the sidelines. 244 votes is the kind of gap that will force you to think long and hard about every decision from the last year and a half. But rather than dwell on the past, I’m looking towards the future. My passion, energy, and desire for change hasn’t subsided one bit, and if anything, it’s motivated me even more despite the setback.

As I said at the end of our race, the work to make Atlanta a better city is ceaseless, and I’ll continue to fight, agitate, and play a part in the soul-searching discussions and debates that will make Atlanta a stronger, more united city.

Hopefully my writing will accurately reflect that work.

I’ll do my best to not to disappoint.


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