Mourning the Passing of Lonnie King

I’m truly and deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Atlanta legend and Civil Rights icon Lonnie King. In 1960, Mr. King, together with Atlanta University Center students including Julian Bond, Roslyn Pope, Carolyn Long and others authored ‘An Appeal for Human Rights’, which effectively launched the sit-ins and protests now collectively known as the Atlanta Student Movement. Mr. King spoke┬átruth to power in opposition to the inaction and political agnosticism expressed by the leadership of Morehouse and other Atlanta University Center institutions. I believe that Atlanta is Atlanta because of that the legacy that he and others created for this city and this country. Needless to say, I was truly honored and thankful to have earned Lonnie’s support when I ran to represent these very same communities and institutions at City Hall. To say that we stand on the shoulders of giants is a massive understatement. My heart goes out to Mr. King and his family.

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